Systems and Services

Service Status

No issues or maintenance planned. Updated 22:20 11/09/16

Visualisation Suite

The HPC visualisation and video conferencing suite is managed by us on behalf of the HPC Research Group. The suite is equipped with 3x 70” 3D displays, supports video conferencing over IP, and has a direct link with the Nikon X-ray Tomography lab.

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Linux clusters


Eridani is the general purpose 136 core Intel cluster, with 2GB/core RAM.


Sol is the 256 core AMD cluster, with 2GB/core RAM.


Ascella is the 200 core Intel advanced research cluster, with 2GB/core RAM and Infiniband interconnect.

Condor pool

Our Condor pool spans every Windows PC on campus. Typically you can expect 1-3k CPU cores available for opportunistic jobs.


We provide 10TB of NFS storage for user home directories.

Regulus is our Lustre deployment that provides a shared parallel filesystem of 38TB.